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Racing and Custom Events

Racing Buddy lets you organize all of your racing and events past and future.
You can view and print out  your events to create an attractive journal. Easily see your progress with lists and graphs, what worked for you in the past, then plan for your next event.

Look back at all those great events and stories. (see details below)

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start screen
Screen Shot for Triathlon Event - Run Event

Additional Screen Shots - with descriptions

List View  Pictures-Splits-Web Graphs  Medical History  Calendars  Stories & Results 

Main Screen Features  

Access to your event information and history at your fingertips.

Click on the Icons for easy navigation to other features.

Keeps all your event statistics: 

  • event name - date - distance - time - cost of race - your personal rating.

  • pace, triathlon splits, biathlon splits, run splits up to marathon (mile & 5K splits)

  • placing in race - overall - by gender - by age

  • Icons for selecting weather conditions are intuitive and tell the story in a glance.

  • temperature - Celsius or Fahrenheit (displays both)

  • your heart rate (max-avg.-rest), weight

  • race notes, age on race day  automatically calculated.

Experiment with different times to determine necessary pace (swim, bike & run) to meet your goals.  View run pace  chart of even splits for your predicted run time and distance. Calculate predicted triathlon, biathlon times with transitions.

 See your run pace in min/mile or miles/hr, automatically converts Kilometers and Miles - view both. Check your swim pace in (pace per mile/pace per 100 meters or pace per 100 yards)

Many data entry enhancements makes entering data easy - checks for previous races on the fly and lets you select rather than retyping.

Search for races by any part of the name and search for any data you put in notes.

Share your data with other users easily over the internet. Data files are compact and can be easily e-mailed and recognized by the program.

Automatically keeps track of your all time PR's and your yearly PR's. (Personal Records)

Put in upcoming races - gives you countdown to race day and whether you registered.

Custom help screens where and when you need them.

Calendar and Activity Planner

Calendar Shows events you did with finishing time and upcoming events with countdown.

Activity Planner: Enter activities - workouts or event plans directly on the calendar. 

Search the Activity Planner for keyword.

Custom Events

Separate custom screens for Running, Cycling, Swimming, Triathlon and Biathlon with more detailed information on each.

Create Custom Events: Define your own sport or event to track. Additional information available for Custom Events include: Time, Distance, Height or Length (Feet-Inches), Score Home, Score Away, Reps, Weight (Pounds/Kilograms) and Win/Lose.

Stories - Checklist & Results

Add a Story to any event or any day on the calendar.

Add formatting - color type, fonts and other typographical formatting. 

Copy and paste partial or complete event results or stories from the internet into story window - then edit and format to meet your needs. 

Search all stories or one story for keyword.

Count number of occurrences of any search item in a story.

Create Event Checklists: a handy way to stay organized and well prepared on race day. Create different Check Lists for various event types.

Pictures - Splits - Web

Add your, personal race picture, and a caption to attach to each race.

Compare even pace mile splits to your actual split.

Add race web site and results web site with notes about each. Connect directly to the web 
(while online) by clicking on the race links.

Graphs - Medical - List

Interactive Graphs of your race times for different distances, years, and specially  filtered races.  

Medical History - keep a record of all your injuries, how you treated them and how long they took 
to heal.

View your data in a List format with many sort and view options.

Stats based on your information as filtered. Total Miles for Run, Bike and Swim for selected races. 
Your average placement overall, gender and age with your percentile rankings.

Expected Software Download time: estimated 15-20 minutes 56K modem!

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