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Coach Donna




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Coach Donna!
USAT Certified Triathlon Coach, USA Cycling Certified Coach,
Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Core Instructor.

Racing, training, learning….loving it all!!! J

  I cannot put into the words the feeling of accomplishment when dedication and perseverance is put into working towards a goal. That goal could be completing a mile, 5K, ½ marathon, marathon, duathlon, Sprint triathlon, Ironman, cycling race, or anything in between!

   I coach athletes of all levels from beginners to top finishers. Honestly one of the greatest joys in my life is to help people achieve his/her goals. I love racing and I love coaching. My thirst for knowledge keeps me learning about all aspects of training on an ongoing basis.

   I train and have been very successful coaching athletes with and without a power meter, or Heart rate monitor; My only requirement is to be honest with me and give me feedback on each workout. I tailor programs for each individual’s needs and goals based on feedback on each workout, sickness, missed workouts, and other stressors… I will ‘tweak’ the upcoming workouts to best fit the athlete and his/her needs. I have been commended on my genuine caring and individual attention I give to each athlete.  


   Proper core training is invaluable for an athlete of any level to reach his or her potential as well as for injury prevention. For core instruction, I like to give one-on-one classes mostly because it is VITAL that the exercises I teach are done with strict form in order to ensure top effectiveness and safety!

   I teach several routines but have one that an athlete can do in less than 15 minutes and I guarantee that he will feel more than conventional methods (sit ups, crunches, etc,) and is much more effective!

   As a client you will receive premium coaching, achieve uncommon results, and you will find that my rates are very competitive. Donna's Core Picture Compilation

Info about me!

   I have been active all my life including playing baseball (hardball!), handball, basketball, horseback riding, running, cycling, swimming, and strength training.

   The teams I have been on include Little League (I was the only girl!), an adult baseball team called the Americans (2001) where I was the only woman (pitched and played first base usually), Equestrian Team in College, running teams, triathlon teams and now  -  Radical Media Cycling Team!    I love a challenge and pushing myself!

   I have been competing in running races since 1991 and triathlons since 1992. My first Ironman was The Ironman World Championship in Kona in 1997. I have done a total of 12 Ironman Distance races including 2 in Kona and  became a Professional Triathlete in 2000.

   I have won several  5k’s, 10k’s, ½ marathons,  marathons, duathlons, Sprint, Olympic, and ½ Ironman distance races. I have Two top 5 finishes in and Ironman Distance races (2nd in The Great Floridian and 4th in Ironman Florida). Some of my specific race results and stories are listed on the website!

   Last year I started doing some bike racing and raced at the Empire State Games (which one has to qualify for). It was 4 amazing days of racing where I earned a Gold medal and 2 bronze medals. My year started off great this year with a 2nd place finish in the Grant’s Tomb Criterium in NYC, 1st place  at Branch Brook Spring Series Race in NJ, and 4th place  at The Tour of The Battenkill!  Battenkill Race Report

   I have had a few injuries throughout my career and know how hard it is to deal with mentally. I have learned through reading and experience methods to help myself, or an athlete I am coaching, to cope and make a strong comeback! I had foot surgery late last year and recovery is going great and I am psyched for a great year! I feel better than I have in years!

Coach Donna brings on some steam with 212 Push-ups! :-)

Quick Core with Coach Donna

Hanging Out Hard-CORE with Coach Donna

Donna 2nd Place Grants Tomb Finish

I was 2nd in this race! Racing for the great Radical Media Team....
in the black and white kit (and blue helmet!)! 

Contact me
 for coaching, core/strength training instruction.
 I really want to help you reach all your goals!


USAT Certified Triathlon Coach, USA Cycling Certified Coach,
Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Core Instructor.

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