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Version Upgrade and Support information

All upgrades have been free to date.

New for Version 4.0.0 (10/3/03)

Major Upgrade - new windowing system and easier navigation.

Weekly workout totals at a glance.


Improved searching and much more!

New for Version 3.1.0 (5/19/03)

New Calendar Controlled internally eliminating errors with new Microsoft Calendar Control 10 incompatibility. (reported by some Win 2000 users) (Much nicer calendar & printouts)

New background skins - Water - Canvas & Marble

Miscellaneous small enhancements.

New for Version 3.0.5 (4/11/03)

Support for various Regional Settings (date formats)

Miscellaneous small fixes

New for Version 3.0.3 (3/11/03 - Fix)

Error 364 - turn tips on from the help menu to avoid error. Error has been  corrected) 

New for Version 3.0 (3/7/03 - Major Upgrade)

Full Support for Workouts.

Workout Calendar.

Workout Analysis.

Recurring Events.

many aspects of the entire program were upgraded.

New for Version 2.2

You can now add formatting to Stories and Check lists - color type, fonts and other typographical formatting.

Copy and paste partial or complete event results or stories from the internet into story window - then edit and format to meet your needs.

Search all stories or one story for keyword.

Count number of occurrences of any search item in a story.

New for Version 2 (Major Upgrade)

Separate custom screens for Running, Cycling, Swimming, Triathlon and Biathlon with more detailed information on each.

Create Custom Events: Define your own sport or event to track. Additional information available for Custom Events include: Time, Distance, Height or Length (Feet-Inches), Score Home, Score Away, Reps, Weight (Pounds/Kilograms) and Win/Lose.

Add a Story for any day on the calendar.

Activity Planner: Enter activities or event plans directly on the calendar.

Create Multiple Check Lists.

Temperature can now be added in Centigrade or Fahrenheit and displays both. Icons for selecting weather conditions are intuitive and tell the story in a glance.

Pictures & Web redesigned to be more user friendly.

List Events: Improved filtering for data and graphs.

New Icons more descriptive – easier to use.

Filter by Event Name or Event Distance or Type.

Search all stories for keyword.

New Skins added of Wood grain, Marble and plain for more attractive interface.

Last updated: August 2004



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